No Songs Are Being Sung

A Poem About Free Time

Jeremy McKay
Oct 16, 2020


Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

A guitar hangs there among unfinished canvases,
And sheet music paused somewhere on to the next page,
Stanza chord and note. Stuck with no song sung.

No strife, no struggle, no contrast, pandemic fatigues us.
The quiet dawning of the day serves only to enhance our age.
X-gen, Boomer, Millennial together in this quarantine — One.

Frowns of disapproval and joyful grinning faces
Wet lips, dimpled smiles — gone from the living stage.
The struggle, the rushing together moments dying not done.

The gift of time free of obligations, finally, graces
My life. The guitar hangs, sheet music stuck on a page,
And canvases are still unfinished. No songs are being sung.



Jeremy McKay

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