Write a poem inspired by a classic poem.

Two Exits Up Ahead

Thank you Robert Frost

Jeremy McKay
2 min readApr 29, 2021
Photo by Derek Story on Unsplash

Two exits up ahead.
One to the left could go west,
One to the right could go east,
I could drive straight past
Continuing down the predictable path.

The exit on the right provides a return
route to beginnings — attempts at do overs.
The other tempts me. It is new unexplored
A place to forge forward despite mistakes or
I could just continue forward.

Going straight ahead keeping my momentum
Following the route laid out by me for me
Relentlessly marching one foot in front of the other
Accomplishing surviving plus ignoring regrets
Going forwards is best, at least that is they expect.

They are not driving today. It is my choice.
Left, Right or straight ahead. The explorer,
The part of me that thinks I am still young
Suggest left. It probably won’t kill me to take
A look. But can I glimpse and return.

The ramp on the right speaks to me
“Going to your past will not change it,
Following me to make amends is necessary
Unavoidable, if you do not take me now
I will show up again.” What is right is not always helpful.

Wondering about what could have been
I responsibly continue straight past each exit.
Hopeful the choice will come up again
So I can visit the past, heal some more
Or move on to the new and unexplored.

Jeremy P. McKay ©2021



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